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Bernie Sanders Will Hit the Campaign Trail With Hillary Clinton

The Vermont senator is expected to endorse the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee on Tuesday.

Craig Ruttle / AP

NEWS BRIEF It was a long time coming.

Bernie Sanders will join Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail on Tuesday. The former Democratic rivals will make a joint appearance at a New Hampshire rally “to discuss their commitment to building an America that is stronger together and an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top,” according to the Clinton campaign.

Sanders has held out his endorsement of Clinton for weeks, pursuing instead his intent to move the Democratic party platform to the left. As of late, Clinton has taken steps toward Sanders’s plan on issues like college education and health care. Last week, Clinton announced that families with annual incomes under $125,000 would not have to pay college tuition  to in-state public colleges and universities. Sanders had pushed for free college education for all students. And over the weekend, Clinton said she supports a “public-option” insurance plan in her health-care plan, soliciting praise from Sanders whose campaign reportedly negotiated with Clinton.

“I congratulate Secretary Clinton for this extremely important initiative,” Sanders said in a statement. “It will improve health care and cut health care costs. It is a significant step forward as we advance toward the goal of health care for all Americans.”

Clinton has sought to coalesce Sanders supporters ahead of the Democratic National Convention this month—and it appears that some are inching closer to backing her. According an NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll last month, 45 percent of Sanders supporters have a positive view of Clinton, an uptick from 38 percent in May. A contributing factor may be progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren’s embrace of Clinton in early June. On Tuesday, Clinton will likely see another boost by Sanders himself, who is expected to endorse her. The location of the rally is also significant—Sanders enjoys substantial popularity in New Hampshire, where he defeated Clinton, and polls suggest the state will be tightly contested in November.