Ten Slogans for the RNC in 2020

Imagining how the GOP will move on from Donald Trump and 'Make America Great Again.'

Joe Skipper / Reuters

Tonight, Donald Trump speaks in Cleveland.

But a significant faction of conservatives and most Americans on the left believe that he will prove to be a disaster for the Republican Party––that he will either fail to win the election or eke out a narrow victory over a flawed rival and fail hugely as president.

Should either scenario come to pass, the GOP will try to recover in 2020. Indeed, as my colleague notes, some at the RNC are already looking ahead. This year’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” will be unusable. Here are 10 alternatives for the 2020 cycle:

10) Lo Siento, Latinos!

9) Make Utah Red Again

8)  An Elephant Must Sometimes Forget

7) The Touch, The Feel of Tom Cotton

6) Kinder, Gentler, Ivanka

5) Slytherins Expelled, Millennials Now Welcome

4)​ ​​​​​​The Establishment Strikes Back

3) ¡George P!

2) Vote Ted Cruz’s Conscience

1) Hindsight Is 2020.

Thanks to David Graham (7) and James Poulos (6) for the help, and Emma Green (5) for inspiration.