The Edge: Security Lapse in Belgium Draws Questions

Dutch Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk, right, and Belgium's Justice Minister Koen Geens address the media at the EU Council building in Brussels. (Geert Vanden Wijngaert / AP)

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Belgium’s border security is under scrutiny following this week’s deadly attacks in Brussels. The United States indicted seven Iranian hackers for cyber-attacks on U.S. banks and a dam. A special UN court found former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic guilty of genocide. And in the Middle East, Iraqi forces have started their campaign to liberate Mosul from ISIS insurgents, and Syrian government forces are making gains in the ISIS-controlled city of Palmyra.

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Belgian Security Shortcomings? The European Union instructed Belgian authorities to tighten the country’s border security in the weeks before attacks in Brussels killed 31 people, according to a report in the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. Belgium admitted to errors in monitoring one of the bombers after receiving warnings from Turkey. The Belgian interior and justice ministers offered their resignations, but were rejected. (USA Today; The New York Times)

Iranian Hackers Indicted. The U.S. charged seven hackers from two Iranian computer companies linked to the Iranian government with executing cyber-attacks on several banks in the United States, as well as a dam outside of New York City, according to documents unsealed Thursday. While the attacks did no harm, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a press conference that they “threatened our economic well-being and our ability to compete fairly in the global marketplace.” (Tami Abdollah and Eric Tucker, The Associated Press)

‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Found Guilty. Radovan Karadzic, the 70-year-old former leader of  the Serb Republic also known as the “Butcher of Bosnia,” was sentenced to 40 years in prison after being found guilty of genocide for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre and other counts of war crimes. (Tim Hume, Tiffany Ap and Milena Veselinovic, CNN)

Fighting ISIS. Iraqi forces have begun liberating towns occupied by ISIS in the area surrounding Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city. And in Syria, state TV and other monitoring groups have reported that government troops are making their way into the historic city of Palmyra, which was captured by ISIS in May. (Paul D. Shinkman, US News; Reuters)

Tomorrow in One Paragraph. Bernie Sanders is campaigning in Oregon. And Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Brussels.

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