The Edge: Gary Johnson Yesterday: 'Why Not?'

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North Korea claims it tested a hydrogen bomb yesterday, but the White House isn’t so sure. Gary Johnson jumped into the presidential race. Former CIA Director David Petraeus appeared before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. And Dr. Ben Carson’s former campaign manager says it’s “getting harder and harder” to envision someone other than Trump as the Republican nominee.

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White House on North Korea Claim: Ehhhh. White House spokesman Josh Earnest responded to North Korea’s announcement, telling reporters that the early data is “not consistent with North Korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test.” (Anna Fifield, The Washington Post)

Better Late Than Never? Gary Johnson announced he’s running for president. The libertarian former governor of New Mexico previously ran in 2012. (Ben Brody, Bloomberg)

Petraeus Testifies. Former CIA Director David Petraeus testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi—in a session held behind closed doors. “We are just as anxious to wrap up our work as you are,” said Committee Chair Trey Gowdy. (Julian Hattem, The Hill)

Tick-Tock. Barry Bennett, formerly of Ben Carson’s campaign, appears to think time is running out for the other Republican presidential candidates: Bennett says he has “not seen a plan out there that is going to take down Donald Trump quite yet” and that it is “getting harder and harder to see how Donald Trump isn’t our nominee." (Nick Gass, Politico)

Tomorrow in One Paragraph: Senator Rand Paul and Rick Santorum campaign in Iowa. Donald Trump holds a rally in Burlington, Vermont, while Marco Rubio is in New Hampshire and New York. And Hillary Clinton hits both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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“A former adviser to Bill Clinton describes her as ‘a mini Hillary.’ Wherever Hillary goes, Abedin goes. ... She has been referred to as a ‘second daughter’ to the Clintons. Others have described Hillary and Huma as like sisters.” Vanity Fair’s William D. Cohan profiles Huma Abedin.

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“Complacency.” A Q&A with DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “Here’s what I see: a complacency among the generation of young women whose entire lives have been lived after Roe v. Wade was decided.” (Ana Marie Cox, The New York Times Magazine)

Mrs. Trump. Harper’s Bazaar’s Alex Kuczynski profiles Melania Trump.

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It’s a Tough Job. Pictures of presidents crying in public. (Politico)

Turtles All the Way Down. Jeb Bush is reportedly giving out miniature toy turtles to children. (Andy Cush, Gawker)