Best IT Jobs for 2016

These in-demand tech jobs pay well. Some don’t even require a college degree.


Companies are hiring IT workers at a frantic pace. In fact, information technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in America right now, with more than half a million open jobs. So what kinds of IT jobs are companies hiring for (and which pay the most)? Some of the most in-demand positions are related to cybersecurity and protecting consumer information online.

Surprisingly, Dubuque, Iowa and Midland, Tex., are the two cities expected to add the most IT jobs in the next five years, according to Economic Modeling Specialists, Intl., which analyzes labor market data. In Dubuque, this growth will likely come from companies that design computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies. In Midland, the growth will likely be from from the oil and gas industry.

Here are the the six IT positions (and their average salaries) that are expected to be most in-demand in the next five years, according to EMSI.

1. Information Security Analysts.

A reflection of the Department of Homeland Security logo is seen reflected in the glasses of a cyber security analyst in the watch and warning center at the Department of Homeland Security's secretive cyber defense facility at Idaho National Laboratory, which is intended to protect the nation’s power, water and chemical plants, electrical grid and other facilities. (Mark J. Terrill/AP)

With all the recent cyber attacks on American companies, it’s no wonder companies are hiring workers to protect consumer information. This field is expected to grow the fastest--16 percent--and pays an average salary of $42.74 an hour.

2. Application software developers

Jobs for people who can develop computer and mobile device apps are expected to grow by 12 percent in the next five years. The median hourly wage is $45.92.

3. Computer systems analysts

Analysts design computer systems tailored to the needs of specific businesses and clients. These jobs are expected to grow by 12 percent in the next five years and the median hourly wage is $39.76.

4. Web developers

These tech workers program web pages and make sure they work well. The number of web developer jobs is expected to grow 11 percent in the next five years and the median salary is $30.52 an hour. Bonus: you can get into this field with only an associate’s degree.

Northface University students work on their project in South Jordan, Utah. The for-profit school dedicated to educating software developers has attracted the support of IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp. and hopes to churn out 1,200 graduates a year -- more than 10 times as many as the nation's leading computer-science school, Massachusetts Institute for Technology. (Douglas C. Pizac/AP)

5. Software developers, systems software

These developers created computer operating systems like Mac OS X. These jobs are expected to grow by 10 percent in the next five years and the median hourly wage is $49.46.

6. Computer user support specialists

These are the people who help the tech-challenged workers at a company resolve their computer problems. Jobs in this field are expected to grow by 10 percent and the median hourly wage is $22.89. Bonus: a college degree is not required for many of these positions.