Mills Doesn't Believe Nolan Has Read TPP Cover to Cover

Mills is still making his way through the text and says the math doesn't add up when Nolan says he's read the entire deal thoroughly.

Fleet Farms executive Stewart Mills (R) said he still hasn't finished reading the Trans-Pacific Partnership's text and hasn't decided whether he supports it or not. He also questioned whether Rep. Rick Nolan (D) has actually read it in its entirety.

"I don't believe he has fully read every word of that bill," Mills said.

Nolan responded, "He just doesn't know what he's talking about. We've had access to it. If he likes, he can go and check the records. You have to sign in to the classified areas to be able to get in and read those documents." He added that he has read it "in its entirety."

"It's 5,500 pages," Mills responded. "If Rick Nolan sat in that Congressional reading room for 24 days straight and read about 230 pages of highly legalistic, highly technical documents per day, he still wouldn't have read the whole thing." (Northland News Center)