How Do We Bring Opportunity to All Neighborhoods?

Next America asks Chicago leaders a big question about the future of the city.

Even as Chicago brings in more development and the unemployment rate continues to fall, some community and business leaders have challenged the notion that the city is making substantial economic progress for all Chicagoans.

While the Loop and the North Side may be thriving, the West and South sides still struggle from decades of industry and business leaving the area. People of color in parts of the city struggle with attaining wealth, from getting capital loans for their small businesses to learning the skills needed for high-paying work.

On Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined other Chicago business, nonprofit, and community leaders to discuss ways to bring economic opportunity and neighborhood revitalization to the city’s South and West sides.

At the event, The Next America asked Chicago leaders a big question: How do we bring opportunity to all neighborhoods?

In the video above, we show some answers from the event’s panelists.

Emily Jan contributed to this article