Graham Super PAC Released Ad Featuring McCain

Graham thinks recent attacks will return focus to his campaign.

The super PAC supporting Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) bid for the White House released a new ad featuring Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in New Hampshire highlighting Graham's defense bona fides.

The group also released a second ad featuring an Iraqi war veteran voicing his support for Graham. (release)

CHANGE OF TONE. After the recent terror attacks, Graham and McCain think there might be a change in tone in the campaign.

"They’re hoping that the Paris attacks will give Graham the momentum needed to score an upset here in the first presidential primary. He is the only military veteran left in the field, and was the first to offer specifics about how he would defeat the Islamic State. McCain, who convinced him to run, was the 2008 nominee. Between them, they have more than half a century of service in the military and Congress."

Graham: "This is the year of an outsider and I’m looked at as an insider. ... After Paris, experience is gonna matter.”

"Graham has gone further than any candidate in calling for more U.S. military force against ISIS, which he wants authorized without limits. But it’s too soon to tell if voters will follow." (Defense One)