Clinton's Campaign Wants You to Know That Her Supporters Are #NotWatching the GOP Debates

Hillary Clinton's Twitter account picks up on the trend of Democrats who have given up with the Republican debates.

Hillary Clinton greets supporters after a Democratic presidential candidate forum at Winthrop University in South Carolina on Friday. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

A hashtag usually reserved for sporting events and sitcoms was picked up by the Hillary Clinton campaign during Tuesday night’s GOP debate. Democratic canvassers and supporters for Clinton were perpetuating the tag #notwatching to show their time was better spent doing, well, anything else.

Retweeted by @HillaryClinton

Retweeted by @HillaryClinton

With four Republican debates down and a possible eight more to go, there is already the sense that the candidates have talked themselves out—and the Clinton camp is picking up on this. While tweets from the @HillaryClinton account followed along with Tuesday night’s debate, stressing her opposition to each statement made on stage, her campaign’s overall presence on Twitter played to the idea that the opposition has become a farce not worth watching.

For better or worse, #notwatching has become Clinton campaign’s eye-roll at the Republican primaries. But if she is selected as the nominee, Clinton will have to face the other half of the American electorate knowing that her reaction to one of their most important election events was this.