Map: One Year of Police-Related Deaths of Women of Color

A violent year of police-related deaths of mostly black men has grabbed headlines worldwide. Less well known are the women of color who died during an interaction with police.

We mapped the names of the 26 women who have died in the past year (since Sept. 1, 2014) during or after interactions with police. They are as young as 17 and as old as 64; most of the 26 women are young and died long before their life expectancy. Their median age is 34. All but seven are black women.

Click on each of their names on the map to learn more, including their age, race, date and location of their death, as well as the legal entity involved.

We curated this list from Killed By Police, the online database that collects data on police-related civilian deaths from news reports. We also added Sandra Bland and Kindra Champan, who both died of alleged suicide while in custody, though they are not included in the Killed by Police database. Please let us know if we missed any others who have died in the past year.

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