The Best #TBT Posts from Politicians

Lawmakers throw it back on Twitter and Instagram.

Politicians show off baby pictures, yearbook photos and first days in office.

@Ted Poe: "Dress to impress, right? #TBT" (Ted Poe on Facebook)
@SenatorHeitkamp: "#tbt Spending beautiful ND summer days on the tricycle & taking wagon rides with my siblings" (Heidi Heitkamp on Twitter)
@RepSteveChabot: "Here is a picture of me around 3 years old at the trailer park we lived in at the time #TBT #ThrowbackThursday" (Steve Chabbot on Twitter)
@marcorubio: "@MiamiDolphins Got any roster spots open? I used to be quite the defensive back.. #TBT #FinsUp" (Marco Rubio on Twitter)
@RepTedYoho: "Throwing it way back with this one #TBT" (Ted Yoho on Twitter)
@SenatorIsakson: "#TBT to 2011 & a visit from my grandkids to my Washington office. I love seeing them in #GA on the weekends!" (Johnny Isakson on Twitter)
@SenStabenow: "For years I've been leading the fight to make sure seniors have access to quality, affordable health care! #tbt" (Debbie Stabenow on Twitter)
@Ted Poe: "#TBT To simpler days." (Ted Poe on Facebook)
@markamodeinv2: "Not pictured: the rest of my vertical jump. This was just take off. #TBT to the 1976 basketball team, go Senators! Thanks to Kim at Carson High for finding this old yearbook photo." (Mark Amodei on Instagram)
@jasoninthehouse: "Beach time Santa Cruz 1970s with my younger brother. #tbt" (Jason Chaffetz on Instagram)
@repannwagner: "#TBT with one of my favorite people ever, President George H. W. Bush! #41" (Ann Wagner on Instagram)
@scottwalker: "Anthony Livoti was at Boys Nation with me in Bob Turner's section. It was great to see him again in SC last week. #tbt –SW" (Scott Walker on Instagram)
@martinomalley: "#TBT to when I was a young leader with big dreams. Next week, I'll meet with young professionals in DC with dreams of their own. Check out our Facebook page for more info!" (Martin O'Malley on Instagram)
@repfranklobiondo: "#TBT to first day of work in January 1995" (Frank LoBiondo on Instagram)
@dave_brat: "#TBT Hard to believe that it's been nearly a year! Birthday t-shirt from my brothers last year. "Made in 1964"-do the math, it used to not be that hard before Common Core!" (Dave Brat in Instagram)
@speakerboehner: "#TBT to cruising across the finish line in 1997. 🏁 Also pictured: @KathyIreland @IamChrisWebber" (John Boehner on Instagram)
@ricksantorum: "I've been going to bat for conservatives for years. #tbt Congressional baseball game circa 1990s" (Rick Santorum on Instagram)
@RepKristiNoem: "#TBT I always was a little angel (or dressed like one) ...even if I did have chubby cheeks." (Kristi Noem on Twitter)
@repstenyhoyer: "#ThrowbackThursday to one of my favorite photos of me and a fellow Whip – Kevin Spacey. #HouseOfCards" (Steny Hoyer on Instagram)
@reptomgraves: "Honeymoon 1996 💘 #QE2 #maine #denimshirt #tbt" (Tom Graves on Instagram)
@berniesanders: "Thick-rimmed black glasses on Mayor Sanders in the 1980's. Classic. #tbt" (Bernie Sanders on Instagram)
@govmikehuckabee: #TBT: Janet and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary this week. We've come a long way since the powder blue tux!" (Mike Huckabee on Instagram)
@hillaryclinton: "First Lady of Arkansas. 1983. #tbt" (HIllary Clinton on Instagram)
@ricksantorum: "Remember when phones were this big? Technology may have changed tremendously in the past 23 years, but my commitment to conservative values never will. #TBT to 1992 election night after I was re-elected to Congress serving the Pittsburgh suburbs." (Rick Santorum on Instagram)
@lincchafee: "For this #tbt, we go way back to my days on the campaign trail running for Mayor. Watching the votes come in on election night is always an exhilarating experience!" (Lincoln Chafee on Instagram)
@repstenyhoyer: "#ThrowbackThursday to my days at Suitland High School in Prince George's County, Maryland. Here is my yearbook photo from 1957. I enjoyed going back and visiting Suitland last month." (Steny Hoyer on Instagram)
@RepJoeKennedy: "Wearing trucker hats before they were cool. #TBT" (Joe Kennedy on Twitter)
@repdingell: "#TBT to a time when John Dingell and I looked a lot different than we do today" (Debbie Dingell on Instagram)
@gabbygiffords: "#TBT to me with my horse, Dink. He wasn't quite as fast as American Pharoah, but he was a great horse. I had to muck the stalls to pay for riding lessons. All of that manure-shoveling was good training for when I got involved in politics. #ThrowbackThursday" (Gabby Giffords on Instagram)
@speakerboehner: "#TBT to a special day in Jan. 1985 getting sworn in as a Member of Ohio's State Legislature representing the 57th District." (John Boehner on Instagram)
@repkevinmccarthy: "Back to the future at 88 miles per hour after the flux capacitor is fixed #tbt." (Kevin McCarthy on Instagram)
@mikebloomberg: "#TBT to a family gathering a "few" years ago! Hoping everyone gets some time with family this holiday season." (Mike Bloomberg on Instagram)
@gabbygiffords: "#TBT to the time I landed the title role in 'Annie.' #ThrowbackThursday" (Gabby Giffords on Instagram)
@govchristie: "Been a @mets fan my whole life (Todd was always a birds fan like our dad). ‪#‎OpeningDay is a national holiday in my household. So, really looking forward to being at Citi Field for today's game!" (Chris Christie on Instagram)
@mittromney: "#TBT to Ann on her 16th birthday. I was smitten then and am smitten today. Happy birthday, sweetie." (Mitt Romney on Instagram)
@repkevinmccarthy: "Bakersfield High School Winter Formal 81 #tbt" (Kevin McCarthy on Instagram)
@bobbyjindal: "#TBT of my beautiful wife and her little brother at the State Capitol, circa 1979!" (Bobby Jindal on Instagram)
@senjohnmccain: #tbt family photo in honor of my daughter @meghanmccain's birthday today - the big 3-0! (John McCain on Instagram)
@RepKristiNoem: "#TBT to the days when a little 'Dippty Doo' and a couple well placed curls made a pretty cute hairdo" (Kristi Noem on Twitter)
@RepDeSantis: "#TBT to adventures at @MarinelandFL. #FL06" (Ron DeSantis on Twitter)
@RepStenyHoyer: "As we mark the 25th anniverisary of Nelson Mandela's release from prision, we continue to remember him as an inspiring leader and extraordinary champion of hope. #MandelaRelease" (@RepStenyHoyer: "As we mark the 25th anniverisary of Nelson Mandela's release from prision, we continue to remember him as an inspiring leader and extraordinary champion of hope. #MandelaRelease")
@DWSTweets: "My son and me at @GrandCanyonNPS. Happy Birthday to this breathtaking national park! #TBT" (Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Twitter)
RepSteveIsrael: "Me and @billyjoel circa 1989 - 3 years after last time we updated #EmailPrivacy laws. Let's pass #ECPA #tbt" (Steve Israel on Twitter)
@Stabenow: "Happy birthday, @michiganstateu! 160 years and still going strong. #GoGreen #ThrowbackThursday" (Debbie Stabenow on Twitter)
@RepBera: "Was 'Mr. Irish' at John F. Kennedy HS back in the day, and I got to visit my old stomping grounds today! #TBT" (Ami Bera on Twitter)
@SanfordBishop: "#TBT 1993: #FMLA signed into law & I was first sworn into Congress. It was a good year. #Progress in 2015 #FMLA22" (Sanford Bishop, Jr. on Twitter)
@TimKaine: "#tbt to teaching carpentry class at Instituto Tecnico Loyola in 1980" (Tim Kaine on Twitter)
SenatorHeitkamp: "#tbt to warmer weather, countless parades and lots of laughs with my good friend Sarah Vogel. #longhairdontcare" (Heidi Heitkamp on Instagram)
@JohnCarneyDE: "Tonight my son had his last high school basketball game. Here's a #TBT to the good old days when I got to be the dad and the coach. Going to miss watching him play!"  (John Carney on Instagram)
@RepKevinMcCarthy: "Working hard for my money circa 1989 #tbt" This slideshow has been updated and originally appeared on March 5, 2015. (Kevin McCarthy on Instagram)