Photos: Congressional Floor Charts

Lawmakers relay their messages through floor charts featuring emoticons, cartoon characters, animals, and more on the House and Senate floors.

The stars of Capitol Hill aren't always lawmakers giving speeches on the House and Senate floors. Large poster boards used by lawmakers to convey their messages, referred to on the Hill as floor charts, are stealing the spotlight, and making a name for themselves online thanks to the popular Tumblr and Twitter account Floor Charts.

Bill Gray, a former C-SPAN employee who now works at The Center for Public Integrity, curates Floor Charts and has catalogued more than 4,000 charts and props from Congress on his popular Tumblr page since its creation.

Sen. Alfonse D'Amato discussed President Clinton's budget plan with the aid of a "Tax-A-Saurus" poster and giant pencil June 24, 1993. (
Sen. Chuck Grassley shared a poster of the "Debt & Deficit Dragon" on the Senate floor in 2009. (
Rep. Luis Gutierrez gave a floor speech on the “Donald Trump Act”—H.R. 3009—on July 23. (
Sen. Tom Harkin brought a poster of Shrek to the Senate floor. (
Rep. Anthony Weiner illustrated his points about FY 2005 agriculture spending with a floor chart. (
In 1994, D'Amato discussed the crime bill with the help of a money-eating pig illustrated on a large poster board. (
Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa talked about extending Bush-era tax cuts on the Senate floor with a poster of a farm animal. (
In July 2013, Rep. Vicky Hartzler showed off a floor chart featuring a rabbit in a top hat. (
in 2013, Sen. Tom Coburn highlighted his annual "Wastebook" on the Senate floor with a floor chart. (
Rep. Judy Chu on the House floor in 2011. (
The shruggie made an appearance on the Senate floor on Sen. Christopher Murphy's floor chart. (
Rep. Mike Pence used a floor chart of a Garfield cartoon. (
Sen. Dick Durbin discussed his concerns with energy drinks on the Senate floor in 2012. (