Episode 30: The Electability Episode

August 20, 2015

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This week Tim Alberta is joined by Scott Bland and Mike Mishak to discuss, among other things, Hillary Clinton's jokes about a federal investigation into her email server, Donald Trump forcing the GOP field rightward on immigration, and Jeb Bush using the term "anchor babies" when discussing the debate over birthright citizenship. The key question our reporters attempt to answer: Will the eventual nominees in both parties be haunted by this week's happenings come next November?

Stories mentioned in this episode:

National Journal: Scott Walker Fueled by Protesters at Iowa State Fair, by Nora Kelly

National Journal: Why Campaigns Have the Edge Over Super PACs on TV, by Scott Bland and Adam Wollner

National Journal: Jeb Bush Embraces Deep-Fried Iowa and Gets Uncomfortable Questions in Return, by Mike Mishak

National Journal: The 2016 Republican Field: We're All Donald Trump, by Nora Kelly

National Journal: Jeb Bush: "I Don't Regret Calling Children of Illegal Immigrants 'Anchor Babies'" by Clare Foran

Washington Post: The Zombie Apocalypse Has Arrived, and It's in Iowa With Rick Perry, by Ben Terris