Episode 29: Donald Trump Still On Top

August 13, 2015

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Tim and Shane are joined by Hotline Editor in Chief, Scott Bland, in one of the craziest weeks yet of the 2016 presidential campaign. Republicans are vying to take on Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders tops Hillary Clinton in a New Hampshire poll, Jeb Bush is bringing up Iraq and a liberal Harvard professor not-named Elizabeth Warren is jumping into the Democratic race. Meanwhile, Rick Perry's campaign has officially run out of money, while Marco Rubio struggles with his stance on abortion and his place in the conservative line up.

Stories mentioned in this episode:

National Journal: Republican Debate Turns Spectacle and Leaves Trump on Top, by Shane Goldmacher and Tim Alberta

National Journal: Rick Perry's Financial Implosion, by Shane Goldmacher

National Journal: Why Exactly Is Lawrence Lessig Considering Running for President? by Clare Foran

National Journal: Megyn Kelly Comments Get Donald Trump 'Disinvited' From RedState, by S.V. Daté