More than 4,000 people celebrated the Fourth of July last week by becoming U.S. citizens. They did so in 50 ceremonies that spanned the country from the USS Midway in San Diego, California, to George Washington's Mount Vernon in Virginia.

There are around 41 million immigrants in this country. And while immigration has often been a caustic political topic, each year for the past decade some 500,000 to 1 million people have become citizens through an often lengthy and costly process.

No matter what you did for the Fourth of July—whether you were at a barbecue, watched fireworks, shot off your own fireworks while waving an American flag—arguably nothing was more patriotic than becoming a U.S. citizen on the country's 239th birthday. Here are some of the best Twitter photos and videos of people on their first day as American citizens.

83 years young and a #newUScitizen today just in time for #4thofJuly. "it is my second birth day" she said in #Tampa

— sharon scheidhauer (@USCISMediaFLA) July 1, 2015

Congrats to 52 #newUScitizens representing 22 countries on board the @USSMidwayMuseum in beautiful San Diego!

— USCIS (@USCIS) July 1, 2015

And with that 81 people from 21 different countries became US Citizens #newuscitizen

— Caitlin Conrad (@CaitlinKSBW) July 2, 2015

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: @USCIS Dir. addresses a naturalization ceremony at G. Washington's Mount Vernon. #newUScitizen

— Homeland Security (@DHSgov) July 4, 2015

30 #newUScitizen s sworn in at @IowaCubs game in Des Moines. As American as baseball & apple pie!

— USCIS (@USCIS) July 3, 2015

"Naturalization ceremony at Middleton Place gives American citizenship to 66" #NewUSCitizen

— My Naturalization (@MyNatzUSA) June 29, 2015

Samuel from Ghana - active duty member of @usnavy - is spending #4thofjuly becoming a #newUScitizen

— USCIS (@USCIS) July 4, 2015

Finally after all the years of hard work it paid off. #newUScitizen

— David Baruch (@PAVIA007) June 27, 2015

@CBPNewYorkCity color guard present colors before 75 soon to be #newUScitizen s

— Katie Tichacek (@USCISMediaNYNJ) July 2, 2015

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