Photos: The Most Unusual 2016 Presidential Candidate Swag

It's not all buttons and bumper stickers.

For $35, Rand Paul supporters can wish friends and family a happy birthday with a 3-foot-tall card, complete with equally large envelope. (Screengrab/

Hillary Clinton recently received attention for using her staffers as models for campaign apparel, but she isn't the only 2016 candidate using merchandise to spread her message. While almost all candidates have T-shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers for sale on their campaign websites, some are getting creative about what they put their logos on.

Stopping "hackers and the NSA" can now be done for $15 at Rand Paul's official online store. The Spy Cam Blocker attaches to anything from laptops to smart TVs to game consoles.   (Screengrab/
"Rand on a stick" comes in sets of 12 for $35 and, according to Paul's campaign website, is great for, "rallies, parades, meetings, operas, church services that lack air conditioning, and so much more." (Screengrab/
This throw pillow may be good for the home, but that's not where Hillary Clinton plans to be. (Screengrab/
Clinton's signature pant suit look is sold in T-shirt format on her website for $30. (Screengrab/
For all BBQ enthusiasts/Hillary Clinton supporters, we introduce you to the "Grillary" Clinton apron. (Screengrab/
A polo may not be the most unique campaign item, but Marco Rubio made it his own by coining it the "Marco Polo." (Screengrab/
Ted Cruz's "Courageous Conservatives" poster, complete with an American-flag-style fist, is sold on his website for $25. (Screengrab/
Ted Cruz throws caution to the wind with this bumper sticker sold online for $10. (Screengrab/
Bobby Jindal's first limited-edition campaign T-shirt is sold on his website for $20. (Screengrab/
While Mike Huckabee sells his own campaign gear, he also offers paraphernalia targeting one of his biggest Democratic opponents. The "Defeat the Clinton Machine" T-shirt sells on his website for $20. (Screengrab/
Rick PAC, a PAC oriented around Rick Perry's presidential campaign, embraced his mugshot photo by selling it on a T-shirt for $25. (Screengrab/
For $75 (yes that's dollars, not pesos) you can buy your own Guaca Bowle guacamole making bowl to make guacamole, just like Jeb. (Screengrab/
The Millenials Rising PAC, a conservative youth group that officially endorsed Jeb Bush for president, sells the Jeb Koozie for $8 on its website.  (Screengrab/
Millenials Rising also sells an official Jeb Bush flask that comes in green, red, or white for $30. (Screengrab/
This one doesn't come from Sanders's campaign or a PAC but it's worth mentioning. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company commemorated its representative-turned-presidential-candidate with the "Bernie Bear" for $79.99. Campaign pin and "iconic unruly hair included." (Screengrab/