Nancy Pelosi Is On Board With the Iran Nuclear Deal

At a press conference Thursday morning, the House minority leader said the agreement "will have my strong support."

President Obama needs congressional Democrats to support his nuclear deal with Iran. And now he's got Nancy Pelosi fully on board.

In her press conference Thursday morning, Pelosi praised the deal, calling it "the product of years of tough, bold, clear-eyed leadership on the part of President Obama."

"I've closely examined this document," she said, holding the P5 + 1 agreement in her hand at the lectern. "And it will have my strong support."

When the deal was announced earlier this week, Pelosi refrained from immediately praising its provisions. She simply issued a statement supporting the White House's diplomatic negotiations.

At Thursday's press conference, Pelosi said the proper approach to Iran is "distrust but verify," and she rejects those who have made decisions about the nuclear agreement without reviewing it. She said her members are in the "educational phase" right now as they continue to examine the deal, and she hopes congressional review will happen in a "thoughtful," nonpartisan way.

"I'm very optimistic about our ability to support the president," Pelosi said.

She called the opportunity to contribute to the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons "one of the joys of my service" in Congress.

The deal is "a good product, not only better than the status quo, not only the best possible option, but a strong, effective option," Pelosi said, "for keeping the peace and stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction."