Episode 26: The Spoiler, the Outsider and the Unknown

July 23, 2015

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Kristin, Shane and Josh talk about Trump's continuing threat to the Republican party's standing, and the possibility of him running as a third party candidate. Meanwhile, Clinton and Bush are both shifting - the Democrat by staking out more base-friendly positions and the Republican by trying to make a credible outsider claim. "Black Lives Matter" protests disrupted Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders this week, raising the question of whether race is no longer just a Republican challenge. And adding to the Republican variety pack of candidates this week is John Kasich, whose announcement brings the number of the party's candidates to an even sixteen.

Stories mentioned in this episode:

National Journal: This is How Much Hillary Clinton Has Fallen in Three Swing States, by Nora Kelly

National Journal: John Kasich, The Resume Republican, by Shane Goldmacher

National Journal: Watch Rand Paul Chainsaw the Tax Code - For Liberty, by Emma Roller

National Journal: O'Malley, Sanders Shouted Down at Netroots by "Black Lives Matter" Protest, by S.V. Daté