You Can Now Buy a Bernie Sanders Teddy Bear

The perfect gift for the Democratic socialist in your life!

Sen. Bernie Sanders has never been known for his cuddliness. That's about to change.

As Mother Jones' Tim Murphy discovered, the Vermont Teddy Bear company is coming out with a special Bernie Sanders teddy bear, complete with his signature tufts of white hair, a suit, and a Bernie 2016 lapel pin. And now, for the low, low price of $79.99, you can own this 15-inch tall anthropomorphic bear!

"Meet Bernie Bear!" Vermont Teddy Bear's website reads. "He's just announced his run fur president and is ready to hit the campaign trail. A passionate, blunt speaker; he'll quickly tell you, 'I am not a circus Bear, I am not a dancing Bear, I am not a toy Bear.'"

It's no surprise the Vermont-based company would make a bear for one of its state's most famous politicians. Sanders served as mayor of Burlington, Vermont before moving on to the House of Representatives, the Senate, and now the presidential campaign trail. You may recognize the Vermont Teddy Bear Company from theĀ unsettling ads they air every year around Valentine's Day.

We just hope being turned into a trinket of capitalistic excess isn't too unbearable for Sanders. Then again, his visage already is available on skateboards and pillowcases.