Photos: A Tribute to the Presidential Moms

In honor of Mother's Day, we take a look at the women who raised our nation's leaders.

The mothers of our nations' past presidents.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with his mother Sara Delano Roosevelt, 1893.  (FDR Presidential Library)
President Gerald R. Ford Jr. (born Leslie Lynch King Jr.) with his mother, Dorothy Ayer Gardner King, on his baptism day, 1914. (Ford Presidential Library)
President Dwight D. Eisenhower with his mother, Ida Eisenhower, 1938. (Eisenhower Presidential Library)
President Ronald Reagan (then Lieutenant Ronald Reagan) posing with his mother Nelle Wilson Reagan, 1940s. (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)
President Lyndon B. Johnson (then Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson) with his wife Lady Bird Johnson and his mother Rebekah Baines Johnson at a rally opening his Senate campaign, 1941.  (Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library)
President Harry S. Truman with his mother Martha Ellen Young Truman, 1944. (Harry Truman Presidential Library)
President Jimmy Carter at his U.S. Naval Academy graduation with his wife Rosalynn Carter and his mother Lillian Carter, 1946. (Carter Library/National Archives)
President Richard Nixon (then Congressman Richard Nixon) with his mother Hannah Milhous Nixon, 1946. (Richard Nixon Foundation)
President George W. Bush and his mother Barbara Bush, 1947. (George W. Bush Presidential Library)
President Bill Clinton with his mother Virginia Clinton Kelley, 1958. (William J. Clinton Presidential Library)
President John F. Kennedy with his mother Rose Kennedy, 1962. (John F. Kennedy Presidential Library)
President Barack Obama with his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, circa 1964. (Barack Obama Official Facebook Page)
President George H.W. Bush with his mother Dorothy Walker Bush, 1990. (George H.W. Bush Presidential Library)