Hillary Clinton will outline the rationale for her candidacy at a rally on Saturday, June 13.

The event, announced by Clinton's campaign on Twitter Thursday afternoon, is meant to serve as the entry point for the next stage of her White House bid—shifting away from an exclusive focus on smaller events and one-on-one interactions with voters to a mix small groups and larger crowds.

Clinton is expected to lay out the overarching message and rationale of her campaign, something she has hinted at but not explained fully in recent weeks.

The location of the event has yet to be announced.

Earlier Thursday, Clinton wrote in a fundraising email to supporters that she wants "to look back at this first big rally as the moment when we came together to celebrate the beginning of this campaign."

Clinton, who announced her candidacy in mid-April, has purposely kept things small in the initial weeks of her campaign: she's held roundtable events and small get-togethers with supporters and voters in the four early-primary and caucus states in what her team has referred to as the "ramp-up period."

Meanwhile, the campaign has dispatched paid staffers to all 50 states on a temporary basis to help set up volunteer and supporter networks across the country ahead of the big event.

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