Episode 17: Better Listening Than Rand's 630-Minute Speech

May 21, 2015

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Kristin and Shane are joined by Hotline Analyst Adam Wollner to discuss the politics behind Rand Paul's long, long speech against the Patriot Act. Planning for the Republican primary debates is well underway, and Fox News has set rules to limit the number of candidates allowed on stage that could dramatically affect campaign tactics. And for the latest in Clinton controversies, the hosts discuss how her State Department staff have been exerting control over FOIA requests.

Stories and polls mentioned in this episode:

National Journal: Rand Paul Tries to Filibuster Himself Back into the 2016 Conversation, by Shane Goldmacher

Pew Research Center: Republicans' Early Views of GOP Field More Positive Than in 2012, 2008 Campaigns

Washington Post: Fox News Rules Will Limit the Field in First GOP Presidential Debate, by Matea Gold

CNN: CNN Announces Details of Republican Presidential Debate

National Journal: Can the Iowa GOP Make the Straw Poll Relevant? by Adam Wollner

Des Moines Register: Huckabee Decides to Skip Iowa Straw Poll, by Jennifer Jacobs

National Journal: I Don't Believe Hillary Clinton, by Ron Fournier

Wall Street Journal: Hillary Clinton's State Department Staff Keep Tight Rein on Records, by Laura Meckler