Episode 15: Hillary Clinton's Play on Immigration

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Kristin, Shane and Scott discuss Hillary Clinton's trust deficit and her strategy to lock down the Latino vote. Meanwhile, Marco Rubio is taking a risky strategy on Iran and Republican contenders are focusing on Nevada as a momentum-building state.

Stories mentioned in this episode: 

Winners and Losers in the Senate Iran Fight, by Ben Geman 

Jeb Bush's New Hampshire Calculus, by Shane Goldmacher

Hillary Clinton Just Told Immigration Activists What They Wanted to Hear, by Lauren Fox 

Democratic Challengers Will Get Six Presidential Debates with Hillary Clinton, by Emily Schultheis

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Declares War Against 'Clinton Cash', by Emily Schultheis 

Republicans Are Trying to Shut Down Nevada's 2016 Caucus, by Adam Wollner 

Poll: Obama More Popular Than Any of the Top 2016 Candidates, by Adam Wollner