Like all U.S. presidents, Barack Obama is one well-traveled guy. Since the start of his presidency, he's made more than 600 trips around the nation. In 2015 alone, he's hit five countries and 22 American states, sometimes more than once.

But one state hasn't gotten any love from the commander-in-chief—until this week. When Obama arrived in South Dakota on Friday to give a commencement address at a technical school, it marked his first time traveling there since becoming president.

South Dakota hasn't had a presidential visit since 2002, when George W. Bush visited to campaign for now-Sen. John Thune.

The historic trip also means that Obama has visited all 50 states as president. Check out the map below to see when and how often the president has visited each state. (Spoiler: Ohio, New York, and Florida are big election-year winners.)

Huge thanks to our White House correspondent George Condon, who has personally maintained a log of the president's travel since 2009.

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