One New Jersey Voter Is Using Rocky II to Convince Chris Christie to Run for President

The governor got a champion's welcome at a Tuesday town hall.

In one New Jersey voter's fantasy, Chris Christie is Rocky. And the American electorate is Adrian.

The first question at the governor's town hall event on Tuesday was an unexpected one: whether the famously pugilistic Christie is familiar with the fictional prizefighter—and one particular scene in Rocky II. In it, Rocky's wife, Adrian, is laid up in the hospital after coming out of a coma. The Philadelphia boxer leans over her hospital bed so she can quietly tell him to fight—and beat—rival Apollo Creed.

For that Christie supporter, the scene is applicable to the governor's decision to make a bid for the White House.

"The people of the United States of America are whispering in your ear to run for president of the United States," the attendee said.

But Christie—who set up a leadership PAC earlier this year to fund any travel and other pre-campaign campaign expenses—demurred. He said, once again, that he hasn't yet made up his mind to run.

"I appreciate your encouragement, and it's very flattering," Christie replied. "But I'm taking it very seriously and I don't think you should approach it in any other way."

He said he'll be deliberating over the next couple of months whether a bid would be "good" for him, his family, and his country.

He also took what appeared to be a jab at the theatrical campaign rollouts of the already-declared 2016 candidates, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul—or the hemming and hawing of a certain Democratic contender.

"I'm not looking for drama," Christie said.

When the Rocky-citing supporter tried to follow up with the governor, Christie cut him off.

"You're being so nice to me that they're going to think I set this whole thing up," he said.