Episode 11: Rand's Faulty Start

April 9, 2015

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Shane and Josh are joined by a special guest, NPR White House Correspondent Tamara Keith, to talk about the second candidate to officially join the race, Rand Paul, and the mess he's already made in handling the media. Ted Cruz, meanwhile, may have received the best news this week when his supporters announced that a group of supportive super PACs have already raised $31 million. Plus, Bill Clinton is stepping out of the shadows with a strategic interview in Town and Country magazine, and all is still quiet on the Marco Rubio front -- despite expectation of his announcement to run next week. Also: Why don't any of the Republicans running for president use their real names?

Stories mentioned in this episode:

National Journal: Rand Paul Announces: 'We Have Come to Take Our Country Back' by Shane Goldmacher

National Journal: Rand Paul's Guide to Dealing with the Pesky Press, by Lauren Fox and Brian Resnick

National Journal: Rand Paul Defends Himself as an Equal Opportunity Offender of the Media, by Emma Roller

National Journal: Photos: America's Political Dynasties, by Annum Masroor and Caroline Nyce

Town and Country: T&C Philanthropy 2015, with Activist-in-Chief Bill Clinton, by Klara Glowczewska