Netanyahu's Speech to Congress, Abridged

National Journal

The following is the text of Netanyahu's speech, edited into five paragraphs. Some of the words are his, some are paraphrases.

Some of you think this speech is political. I didn't want that. The topic of Israel must always remain above politics in America. I like Obama. He's done a lot for Israel, a lot of which isn't so well publicized. I'm grateful for that support, and for the support of the American Congress. Like your help with the Iron Dome"“thanks for that.

Why I'm here: Iran. Its supreme leader reminds us of Haman, one of the great archenemies of the Jews in the Bible. Iran's foundation is in militant jihad, and the country's regime is keen on the destruction of Israel. Iran is backing bad guys like Assad in Syria, and Shiite militias in Iraq. Don't be fooled: Iran's regime will always be an enemy of America. That ISIS and Iran are enemies doesn't change anything. The enemy of your enemy is your enemy. It's like a deadly Game of Thrones. Just last week, Iran carried out a military exercise mock blowing up a U.S. aircraft carrier. Last week!

The nuclear deal in the works: It's bad. This deal is a pathway for nuclear weapons in Iran, and potentially a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Nothing's worse than a marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons. The worst parts of the deal are its two big concessions. One, that it leaves Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure. Two, it expires in 10 years. The problems with those concessions: 1) Allowing nuclear facilities would give Iran a short lead time to developing a bomb (a year even). 2). What happens in 10 years? Think of the children. Will Iran's regime really change all that much in 10 years? The deal would also depend on international inspectors. But inspectors document violations, they don't stop them. And Iran plays a pretty good game of hide-and-cheat. Once Iran gets a bomb, what happens to the rest of the region: The small skirmishes that trigger big wars would turn nuclear.

Before we can do any deal, Iran needs to do three things: stop its aggression against its neighbors, stop supporting terrorism around the world, and stop threatening to annihilate Israel. Iran needs the deal a lot more than you do. Remember that.

This is a bad deal. We're better off without it. Some say: What's the alternative? I say a much better deal. One that doesn't leave Iran with a nuclear infrastructure. Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand. My friends, may Israel and America always stand together strong and resolute.