Episode 5: The CPAC Episode

February 26, 2015

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It's CPAC week and Kristin and Shane are joined by guest host Alex Roarty, The Hotline's chief political correspondent, to discuss the significance of the conference, Jeb Bush's place in the crowd, and Rand Paul's increasing isolation from his own party. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has been stressing her motherly instincts, Scott Walker may be the candidate to beat, and Marco Rubio is under pressure to stay in the Senate.

Stories from this episode:

National Journal: At CPAC, Ben Carson Lambasts 'Purveyors of Division,' by Emma Roller

National Journal: Clinton's 2016 Gender Play, by Emily Schultheis

National Journal: The Suspense is Gone: Hillary Clinton is Running and Everyone Knows It, by Emily Schultheis

National Journal: Carly Fiorina Just Offered the Harshest Criticism of Hillary Clinton at CPAC So Far, by Emma Roller

National Journal: Why Clinton Isn't the Favorite After All, by Alex Roarty

USA Today: Gov. Scott Walker: I Refuse to Take the Media's Bait

National Journal: CPAC Sound Bites, by Brian Resnick, Andrew McGill and Stephanie Stamm