Taylor Swift: John Boehner's Secret Weapon Against Obama

The House Speaker's Office is using the pop princess to send a GOP message.

As soon as President Obama walked into a school in Knoxville, Tenn., last week and announced his ambitious community-college program, John Boehner knew it was trouble.

So he did what any conservative, 65-year-old lawmaker would do: He compiled a series of Taylor Swift GIFs to spell out the problems of the plan. Or, at least, his staff did. The 12 GIFs, published on the speaker's website and emailed to reporters Friday morning, explain the GOP's case against Obama's proposal to make community college tuition-free.

Free college? Republicans—via a dubious Swift—aren't buying it. The plan would cost taxpayers $60 billion over 10 years, a point the GOP has seized upon as another Obama proposal gone awry. After all, the post notes, "Not even all the Taylor Swift album sales in the world would cover that bill."

{{thirdPartyEmbed type:animatedgif source:http://speaker.house.gov/sites/speaker.house.gov/files/PHOTOS/2015/GIFs/TSwift-Confused-4.gif}}

Boehner's alternative is a five-point plan to "reset" the nation's economic foundation: reforming the tax code, solving "our spending problem," reforming the legal and regulatory systems, and improving our system of education. To that, Taylor Swift applauds approvingly.

This isn't Boehner's first time at the GIF rodeo. In what must surely be called the Millennial Outreach branch of the Speaker's Office, BuzzFeed-style GIF lists have become a surefire way to reach a younger audience—or, at least, those who are feeling 22. During the Discovery Channel's cult-like Shark Week last August, Boehner's office explained why Senate Democrats "can't ignore House Republicans' jobs bills"—via eight shark GIFs. And the day after How I Met Your Mother's series finale last year, his office released a series of goofy GIFs of Ted and friends whacking each other, staging interventions, and getting turned down for high-fives to explain the budget process.

The real, non-GIF Taylor Swift has been hesitant to talk politics. But she did garner two votes last year in New York's gubernatorial election. And if Obama tries to implement his community-college plan—and subsequently, taxes go up—the speaker's post promises that Taylor WILL smash your headlights with a golf club.

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