Scott Walker Just Slammed Chris Christie on Twitter, Because Football

GOP 2016ers are already in the red zone.

Among potential 2016 presidential candidates, football has become, well, a political football. And Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants his primary opponents to know he's ready for the playoffs.

On Sunday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave a hug seen 'round the Internet to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones after the team's playoff win against the Detroit Lions. Football fans, especially those in Christie's home state—who tend to root for teams closer to home—gave the likely presidential contender a digital beating.

On Twitter on Wednesday morning, Walker took a dig at Christie, tweeting a photo of a Green Bay Packers fan he'll be "looking to hug" after the Packers game this weekend. The jab was especially apropos, as the Packers are set to play the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday (click through for photo):

The Packers ownership is unique in the NFL. Like in a co-op of sorts, any layperson—including many Green Bay residents—can become a partial "owner" of the team by purchasing stock in the franchise. The Packers management structure stands in stark contrast to the Cowboys, a team owned solely by the multibillionaire Jones.

Christie has been a Cowboys fan since 1971, but his football loyalties have been a source of controversy in the run-up to 2016. At Sunday's game, the presence of two Republican governors could make for a de facto preview of the 2016 GOP primaries; Jones said Tuesday that he hopes Christie will cheer on the Cowboys in person at the Green Bay game. And it's not just for the team's playoff chances—Jones also did some political speculating of his own.

"He's part of our mojo," Jones said in a radio interview. "I want him there all the way. I'll tell you, if he's got enough mojo to pull this thing out, he ought to be looked at as president of the United States."