John Boehner's Bartender Indicted After Death Threats

Country club employee said he could have poisoned the speaker's drink.

A former bartender at House Speaker John Boehner's country club was indicted last week for threatening to murder Boehner, saying the speaker was the devil and was responsible for Ebola.

Michael Hoyt, a former bartender at the Wetherington Country Club in West Chester, Ohio, was arrested last month after telling police that the devil was telling him to kill Boehner. Police found a gun and ammunition in his home, and Hoyt also told Boehner's wife that he could have poisoned the speaker while serving him at the country club.

According to police records, Hoyt was treated for a psychotic episode in 2012 but had stopped taking his medication after about six months.

"Hoyt has imagined and believes John Boehner is the devil, and Hoyt believes he is Jesus Christ. Hoyt also believes Boehner is responsible for the Ebola virus," police said in their arrest warrant.

Hoyt was fired from the country club last month and told police he then began hearing voices, through the speakers of his car, telling him to kill Boehner. He alternately said he planned to shoot the speaker, that he could have poisoned his drink at the country club, and that "there are many things around his house that he could use as weapons, such as knives, a can of gasoline, or an ax," according to police.

Police confiscated a loaded handgun from Hoyt's apartment. They also found ammunition for an assault rifle, but his mother had already taken the weapon out of his home.

Hoyt wrote an 11-page blog post saying Boehner was the devil and responsible for Ebola, and he told police that he wanted to confront Boehner, along with another country club member, outside a Cincinnati sports stadium.

The arrest was first reported by WCPO in Cincinnati.