Harry Reid Looks Like He Just Got Out of a Boxing Match

The Senate minority leader was recently injured while exercising with a resistance band.

For a time during his youth, Harry Reid was a middleweight amateur boxer. But last week, the Senate minority leader faced an unexpected bout with some exercise equipment.

In a video released by the senator's office Tuesday, Reid addressed the injuries he incurred while exercising at home. According to NBC News, "Reid was exercising with a resistance band when it snapped, hitting him in the face and causing him to fall." Reid sustained a concussion, three broken ribs, and broken bones in his face.

"As most people know, I fought for a couple of years. After any one of those fights, I never looked like I do now," Reid says in the video. "However, I didn't get this black eye by sparring with Manny [Pacquiao], by challenging Floyd Mayweather. I didn't go bull riding. I wasn't riding a motorcycle. I was exercising in my new home."

Reid was hospitalized Thursday, but he was originally slated to be back at work on Tuesday, when the Senate reconvened. He ended up staying home on doctor's orders, but met with his leadership team Tuesday morning.

"Doctors have told me I better take it easy," Reid continued. "I had a presentation all made to start the new Congress. I've been doing new congresses for—this will be my 33rd year. And I really have some homesickness, for lack of a better description."

But for the former pugilist, the black eye was adding literal injury to insult: On Tuesday, Reid lost the "Majority Leader" plaque that hung on his office door to Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell. For his fellow Democrats witnessing the first day of a Republican-controlled Senate, Reid's face says it all.