Elizabeth Warren Is Backing Kamala Harris for California's Senate Seat

It's a big early sign of support for California's attorney general as she looks to replace Barbara Boxer.

Elizabeth Warren announced Wednesday afternoon she will support California Attorney General Kamala Harris in the 2016 California Senate race.

In a blog post on her website, the Massachusetts senator and progressive darling praised Harris, a Democrat, as a "smart, tough, and experienced prosecutor who has consistently stood up to Wall Street"—a personal mission for Warren. She also urged supporters to help Harris "build the grassroots team she'll need to stand up to the powerful interests" by raising $25,000 for Harris's campaign "right now."

Warren's call to arms isn't empty. In the lead-up to November's midterm elections, she went to bat for embattled Democrats in campaigns around the country, raising millions of dollars on their behalf.

The vow of support came just one day after Harris announced she'd seek the seat of retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer. Last week, Boxer broke the news—in rhyming couplets—that she would not be running for reelection for the seat she's held since 1992. In the days since, climate activist and billionaire Tom Steyer and Rep. Loretta Sanchez have both expressed interest in the seat. No Republicans have yet announced their intentions to run for the seat, which is heavily favored for Democrats.