The Best Congress Tweets of 2014

Don't worry—they aren't too controversial.

Members of Congress aren't elected because they are funny. But sometimes, they manage to successfully execute jokes on Twitter that would draw at least polite chuckles at a dinner party. Often, the funniest jokes are the one that are least rehearsed, and that poke fun at the innate corny-ness of being a member of Congress. We're looking at you, Chuck Grassley:

Sen. Rand Paul really enjoys ragging on Michelle Obama's Let's Move program (click through for the photos):

The female rapper Iggy Azalea was a popular topic of conversation:

When not holding forth on policy debates, U.S. representatives tried their best to be humorous:

And Sen. Ted Cruz provided some wry commentary on American politics:

But the MVP of Congress Twitter in 2014, by a landslide, was 88-year-old Rep. John Dingell:

Honorable mentions:

- That time Rep. Steve Stockman tweeted an irreverent meme about gun control.

- That time Rep. Keith Ellison accidentally retweeted a mildly vulgar joke about amateur hibachi.

- That time an anti-gay-marriage state lawmaker in Texas accidentally tweeted, "MARRIAGE=ONE MAN & ONE MAN."

- That time Rep. Stephen Fincher accidentally tweeted about how much he loves "shagging."

- And that time Toronto Mayor Rob Ford thought Daylight Savings Time means you have to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Here's looking forward to 2015!