The Real-Life 'Alpha House' Is Going on the Market

Retiring Rep. George Miller is selling the house he's shared with Sens. Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin.

The most famous frat house in Congress is ending its decades-long run, leaving a pair of high-ranking Democratic senators searching for a new place to live.

Rep. George Miller's Capitol Hill row house, the inspiration for the Amazon series Alpha House, has been the Washington dwelling of many Democratic lawmakers over the past three decades. Its current tenants, Sens. Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, have lived with Miller for more than a combined 50 years (Schumer moved in back in 1982; Durbin a decade later).

But that arrangement is coming to an end. Asked if the gang was sticking together with Miller's impending retirement, Durbin replied with an emphatic "nope." Asked to clarify, he said the house was being sold. He did not answer if he and Schumer would be house-hunting together or striking out on their own.

The house has been the subject of many a profile, including a CNN feature that showed it to be in a messy state of affairs. Schumer sleeps on a mattress next to the kitchen, beneath a mangled set of blinds. Underwear is strewn across the living room. The occupants complained of rats.

Previous tenants of the house have included such Washington notables as Leon Panetta and Marty Russo, and the slovenly quarters of the congressional power brokers inspired Garry Trudeau's satirical TV series Alpha House, which began streaming on Amazon last April (the occupants in the show are all Republicans).

Now, less than a month after the show's Season Two debut, its real-life inspirations (and the No.'s 2 and 3 Democrats in the Senate) are looking for a new place to live.