Mike Enzi Makes Push to Chair Senate Budget Committee

The move would push Jeff Sessions out of the top GOP slot.

Sen. Michael Enzi of Wyoming is making a push to take over the Senate Budget Committee when the GOP gains the majority in the next Congress, he confirmed Wednesday.

Enzi said he is having discussions with current ranking member Jeff Sessions of Alabama, whom he would have to push aside to take the chairmanship. Enzi, however, has seniority on the committee.

Enzi declined to describe his pitch to members, saying he did not want to work for the position through the media.

Sessions confirmed that he is in talks with Enzi, but said, "I just feel that I'm ready to do it right now. And ready to hit the ground running. But we'll talk about it."

Neither senator would confirm that they have discussed the position with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell or their fellow Budget Committee Republicans. The chairman is selected by the committee in a private vote in January.