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Let's state the obvious: 99 percent of political Halloween costumes are terrible. A night that's meant for michief and fun can be undercut by a costume that screams, "Let's talk about current events."

But there is an exception to this rule: baby political costumes.

The Evidence

Here is a baby dressed as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (make sure to click through to see the photos!):

Here is a goateed baby dressed as Meet The Press host Chuck Tood:

Here is a baby vaguely dressed as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul:

And here is Baby Vladimir Putin:

So if you are a parent of a small child, and want to embarrass them as adults, consider dressing them up in these politically relevant costumes:

  • Baby Grover Norquist at Burning Man: "Liberty" T-shirt, cargo pants, desert boots, goggles and a purple bandanna.
  • Baby shrimp on a treadmill: For the unfamiliar, this is a reference to a GOP argument against federal science funding. Dress baby in all pink, with pink fuzzy antennae and sneakers.
  • Baby Rick Perry: You really just need a suit and hipster glasses. Afix a lapel pin in the shape of Texas to the little politico as well, if you can find one.
  • Baby Kid President: Same as above, minus the glasses, plus American flag pin.
  • Baby Teddy Roosevelt (any or all of the following): Spectacles, fake mustache, khaki safari shirt/pants, cowboy hat, teddy bear, and a big stick.
  • Baby Malala Yousafzai: A Nobel Peace Prize fashioned out of a gold chocolate coin, headscarf.
  • Baby Joe Biden: Aviator shades, two 10-dollar bills in hand, ice cream all over face.
  • Baby Ben Bernanke: Fake beard, Brookings Institution shirt.
  • Baby Beyoncé voter: Black leotard, "I voted" sticker, Sasha Fierce-style pompadour wig.
  • Baby Aqua Buddha: Blue face paint, orange swaddling clothes, general look of tranquility.
  • Baby Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky: A "Ready For Hillary" pin is really all you need for this one.
  • Baby Trey Radel: No comment.

If you have any other political costume ideas for babies, please tweet them to us. Happy Halloween!

This article is from the archive of our partner National Journal.

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