Did Rand Paul's Dad Just Scoop Him on Announcing His Own Presidential Run?

Freudian slippage.

That Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky wants to run for president in 2016 is fairly transparent. But he may have just been scooped by his own father on formally announcing his campaign.

In an interview with PoliticKING With Larry King on Thursday, the elder Paul spoke in the present tense about his son's presidential ambitions (emphasis added):

KING: Do you encourage your son to run for president?

PAUL: Not really, and I have mixed feelings about it because I know what is entailed and how much punishment he gets—it always annoys me he has to suffer some of the consequences because of something I said or did. But he shouldn't have to do that but that's the way system works. So yes I think it's great he's doing it. He has a good message and he understand free-market economics and I just think that its doing a world of good. But I also know the power and strength of the establishment and its a tough road to hoe I'll tell you that but I would never have discouraged him from doing it. Just like I didn't say, "Rand I really want to see you go to med school and be a doctor," but I never discourage and was delighted when he did go to med school and become an ophthalmologist.

It's nitpicking, sure, but it's also telling—even Paul's father sees his son running as a foregone conclusion.