College Republicans Enter the Shark Tank

The group has a new line of ads out. This time, there's no playing to gender stereotypes.

Welcome to the Shark Vote. (National Journal)

The College Republicans have a new message for the kids. Bouncing back from their "Say Yes to the Candidate" ads, the CRNC released three new ads on Monday playing off another reality show—the celebrity investor show Shark Tank.

Instead of referring to specific candidates and assigning a wedding-dress pattern to them as in the earlier spots, the new ads (titled "Shark Vote") portray generic, money-grabbing Democrats facing off against the savvy, bald-capped young investors.

The first ad features "slick Democrat politician Chuck" doing his best George Costanza impression to pitch to the investors:

The second ad addresses student loans. "It's clear we need Republicans to create jobs and lower the cost of college," one shark says convincingly.

The third ad talks about taxes and the economy:

Let's set aside the content of the arguments for now to talk theatrics. The acting is still just as wooden, but the Shark Tank analogy works far better than Say Yes to the Dress. Portraying young voters as the judges of their own "investments," rather than starry-eyed wedding planners, is both a lot more apt for voting in the midterms, and a whole lot less condescending.