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StopHillary PAC, the group dedicated to smothering Hillary Clinton's unofficial presidential campaign in its crib, has released a new commercial demanding Clinton "break the silence" on Benghazi. The ad will air in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, the group told The Washington Post.

The ad calls for people to sign a citizen's subpoena of Clinton, who is accused of being silent on Benghazi. Of course, the former Secretary of State did testify — in front of both the House and the Senate — in January 2013. She was grilled by several Republicans, including Sen. John McCain and Rep. Jeff Duncan, who brought up her famous "what difference does it make?" comment over what prompted the attack.

But as The Post notes, part of the benefit of getting people to sign the citizens' subpoena is getting their names and email address to build email lists. The commercials will also coincide with the first meeting of the House Benghazi Select Committee which was formed four months ago.

And, of course, wherever Clinton goes Benghazi questions are sure to follow. A recent analysis by Media Matters found that Fox News covered Benghazi an average of 13 times a week between September 11, 2012 and May 2, 2014. Out of nearly 1,100 segments, there were 105 attempts to tie the attack to Clinton's presidential ambitions. More recently, Fox News visited the New York stop of Clinton's book tour to ask people if they thought Benghazi would hurt her 2016 chances.

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