John Boehner Debuts More Dad Shorts

The speaker's office releases another installment in its occasional "John Boehner is a Real Person" video series.

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If there's one thing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) wants everyone in the world to know about him, it's that he's just "a regular guy with a big job."

He repeats the line to pretty much any audience he addresses, and to that end, his office on Tuesday released another "get to know the speaker" video that hammers home the point. (The last one, you'll recall, featured the nation's most powerful Republican admitting he was little more than a wind-up toy.)

Titled "A Day With Speaker Boehner," the video shot by his staff follows the speaker as he goes for his morning walk (in hiked-up Dad shorts, of course), grabs a coffee at Starbucks, and stops at his favorite hole-in-the-wall diner a couple blocks from the Capitol for breakfast.

The video shows little of the entourage of staff and security guards that follows the Speaker around in the Capitol, and in Truman Show-style, you can hear people on the street shouting, "Morning, John!" as he walks by. Boehner is seen pouring his own coffee in his Capitol office, holding meetings with staff and greeting tourists as he walks to and fro.

"The neat thing about the speaker is he treats everyone the same," a staffer says in the video. "His big motto is, it doesn't cost anything to be nice."

The video is polished, if a little hokey, and it is lacking in one key area: There's no repeat cameo by the famous wind-up monkey.

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