For One New Hampshire Campaign Tracker, a Friday Treat

Scott Brown enjoyed a canoe trip Friday, pursued by a Democratic tail.

New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown embarked on a pleasant canoe trip Friday afternoon. And, even on the open water, a tracker was not far behind (make sure to click through to the photo).

American Bridge, the Democratic opposition-research firm I wrote about earlier this week, confirmed that this paddling tracker is one of their employees. They are employing 43 such trackers in 39 states to follow Republican candidates through November's midterm elections.

"The whole time he's thinking, 'Please tip over, please tip over, please tip over.... ' " Breitbart News reporter Charlie Spiering tweeted.

"Wherever Scott Brown goes—canoeing, New Hampshire, back to Massachusetts—American Bridge will be there," Bridge spokeswoman Gwen Rocco told National Journal.