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When Madison, a Washington DC, sixth grader, was told "somebody special" was going to show up to a community service event at her school, she hoped it would be Beyoncé. Instead, as The Huffington Post reported, she had to settle for the President of the United States of America:

"When I first heard that somebody special was coming, I really wanted it to be Beyoncé," Madison told Obama.

"I understand," Obama said, because of course. The President told Madison his daughters Malia and Sasha "would feel the same way."

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Madison said it was "even better" that the President was there, but Michelle Obama added that "I'd rather see Beyoncé," as well. And, given past evidence, we can probably guess how Sasha Obama feels.

In fact, there is a long history of young people being less-than-impressed with the so-called Leader of the Free World.  Most of those moments have been captured by the White House's official photographer, Pete Souza. For the record, here's a visual history of kids being bored by Obama:

June 2014.

Earlier this week "Watch This Kid Faceplant Onto Obama's Couch He's So Bored" kid became a viral sensation, as well as the physical embodiment of Monday morning after you get into the office, but before the coffee is ready, as The Washington Post and others documented.  

Couch kid isn't the first of his kind. Some kids can't even keep their eyes open:

June 2013.

To be fair to this kid, none of the adults seem excited about this meeting either:

August 2013.

But while sprawling around and/or sleeping inappropriately is a favorite pastime of bored children in the presence of the President, the most fascinating aspect of the Oval Office is the bowl of apples that sits atop the kind-of-ugly coffee table in the middle of the room:

June 2014.

Kids really like the apples:

January 2012.

According to the White House: "The First Lady watches as the children of former Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha choose apples in the Oval Office." Note: The apples all look the same.

February 2013.

Here, two children organize the apples:

January 2012.

(Given how often kids touch the apples, you probably shouldn't eat the apples in the Oval Office.)

In this photo, the President "gives a fist bump to a baby" who could not look any less interested in being fist bumped:

April 2014.

And here, in a December 2013 photo taken right before the taping of "Christmas in Washington," only two of the five elves seem to be taking the photo seriously:

December 2013.

Of course, as with any parent, the kids who are going to think you're the least cool will always be your own:

January 2014.

(All photos are official White House photos.)

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