115,000 Will Lose Obamacare Because They Haven't Proven Their Citizenship

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About 115,000 people failed to provide the government with documents verifying their citizenship and will lose Obamacare coverage at the end of the month.

According to the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the number of unresolved cases dropped from 966,000 in May to 310,000 in August. The remaining individuals missed the September 5 deadline and are now being informed that their coverage will end on September 30. However, individuals who send in their paperwork now will be eligible for Obamacare's special enrollment period.

CMS is also sending notices to 279,000 households (363,000 people) who haven't verified their income. In those cases, consumers aren't at risk of losing their insurance, but the subsidies that go along with it.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health is gearing up for this fall's enrollment period, and all the confusion that will go along with it. Obamacare plans will automatically enroll for people, but as National Journal pointed out, many people might be better off shopping around for a new, cheaper plan, especially if their income has changed.

Letters sent out by insurers say consumers "don't have to do anything," according to The New York Times, which many advocates say was the wrong message to send. “We will encourage everyone to come back to the marketplace to update their eligibility information and shop for the best coverage option that meets their needs,” a CMS official said last week.

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