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Sen. Harry Reid continued a long tradition of members of Congress saying racist, politically incorrect and otherwise embarrassing remarks during the summer recess on Friday by informing a group of Asian people that they're not smarter than anyone else. G.O.P. trackers for America Rising published a clip of Reid speaking to the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas. "The Asian population is so productive," Reid said. "I don't think you're smarter than anybody else, but you've convinced a lot of us you are." As The Washington Post notes, this isn't the first time Reid has said something offensive. 

Not surprisingly, Talking Points Memo reported that Reid apologized the same day he made the remarks. But the damage has been done, and like several other members of Congress, Reid has embarrassed himself in front of his constituents during Congress' long summer recess. Though this recess isn't defined by outraged members of the Tea Party railing against Obamacare, it still leaves lawmakers vulnerable to their own ridiculousness. Here, we've ranked the lawmakers who've had the worst summer recess:

1. Sen. Harry Reid

Because Reid's remarks were pretty offensive — he also said he has trouble "keeping my Wongs straight" — and because America has a very short memory, Reid is number one on the list. 

2. Sen. Rand Paul

How is it that Rep. Steve King manages to offend two DREAMers by commenting on their English and saying they come from lawless countries, but Rand Paul running away is the story

3. Sen. Bernie Sanders 

As Sanders was answering a question about the loss of Palestinian lives in Gaza, he got into an argument with one man and eventually told him to "Shut up!" about halfway through the clip below. The town hall turns into a shouting match from there, and someone shouts "fuck Israel."

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