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Jeff Bridges is, unsurprisingly, not planning on running for Senate, despite calls to draft him into the race. Luckily, there are a few people, including a rancher and a high school math teacher, running to fill the recently opened spot. 

Montana Democrats have been in the market for a credible senate candidate ever since Sen. John Walsh dropped out of the race last week, following revelations that he'd plagiarized his masters thesisLizabeth Pratt, a Montana businesswoman and former acquaintance of the Bridges (who also own a home in the state) launched a petition for the Dude's run on last week. “He is the bullet-proof candidate,” Pratt told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. “He's the only candidate where you could post photos of him naked, smoking pot and it wouldn't affect him.”

Pratt told the Chronicle that Democratic "honchos" weren't happy with the petition — it's a little embarrassing when your best shot at winning a seat is a hail Mary pitch to a movie star – but "at least one member of the central committee promised her to nominate Bridges if he attended the convention in Helena" this Saturday. During an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show Monday, Bridges said he dropped the idea after his wife said "'don't even think about it.'"

The good news is that there are a few people who do want the job. According to the Missoulian there are "three, maybe four" candidates vying for the job, including state Rep. Amanda Curtis, a math teacher who has the backing of the state's largest union; Dirk Adams, a rancher who lost to Walsh during the June primary; state Sen. Dave Wanzenried. Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger said he wasn't sure if he'd accept a nomination, or if he'd get one.

Of course, the big problem for whoever is nominated will be Republican Rep. Steve Daines, who was favored to win over incumbent Sen. Walsh before the plagiarism scandal hit. 

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