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State Sen. Jim Tracy announced Monday that he would not challenge the results of the August 7 Republican primary in Tennessee, making Rep. Scott DesJarlais the winner by a slim margin of 38 votes, according to the Associated Press' most recent count

Tuesday was the last day for Tracy to file a challenge. Tracy offered a concession statement on August 10, but said he would "reassess the situation" if news of any irregularities came to light. In a statement released Monday, he said the results were “fair and objective," and a challenge wouldn't be good for the "conservative movement" or the state Republican party.

"I am not willing to put the State Republican Primary Board, the Secretary of State’s Office and Division of Elections, the County Election Commissions, the campaign staff, my volunteers, my family and the public through additional weeks of litigation, with uncertainty as to who the nominee will be," the statement reads

Not long ago, Tracy was considered the frontrunner in the race. He'd raised more money and this was the first time DesJarlais was up for re-election since news broke that he's slept with his patients and encouraged both his wife and a mistress to get abortions. In the end that wasn't enough to get Tracy the win.

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