We Don't Want to See Chris Christie's Action Film [UPDATED]

Christie's just-released trailer for No Pain. No Gain. looks a little half-baked.

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Look, we're not usually ones for judging a film by its trailer. But the just-released trailer for Chris Christie's new film No Pain. No Gain. looks a little half-baked.

Seemingly a sequel to co-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 2013 action comedy Pain & Gain, this trailer, clocking in at just under 90 seconds (barely a teaser), doesn't give much hope that it will do better than its modestly successful predecessor.

"The looming crisis is here," Christie says in the trailer. "We can no longer stand around and say, 'It's not a problem. Don't worry about it.'"

Ooh, a crisis! That sounds exciting! A global epidemic? Maybe a war about to break out?

"We're in danger of having these costs overwhelm our budget."

Oh. So it's about budgets. Specifically, it seems to be about pension plans. Snooze.

We get that they're trying to spice things up – a shot of a rocket launching, of the Statue of Liberty, etc. – but you can only make talk about pension plans so sexy. And the second-billed star, a newcomer named "The People of New Jersey," doesn't exactly inspire confidence. You can't give a collective second billing! Think of the category confusion come Oscar campaign time!

Surely this film will appeal to some, but we hope that the next, fuller trailer does a bit more to sell us on it. Maybe then we can recommend going to see it in a theater near you ...

YouTube: GovChristie

... ugh, it's a limited release? The worst.

[UPDATE 7/16: Looks like Christie's camp realized what a box office dud this was going to be and pulled the trailer. Another YouTube user has uploaded the video – we've embedded their copy above.]

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