The NeverEnding Book Tour: 52 Days of Hillary Clinton... And Counting

Hillary Clinton's book tour is still going on... and on... and on... 

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During her four-year tenure as head of the State Department, Hillary Clinton traveled 956,733 miles and visited 112 countries, the most ever by a U.S. Secretary of State. Leaving aside the fact that anyone who served before the airplane didn't have much of a fighting chance, that's still a pretty impressive schedule to keep, and it's one that Hillary looks like she's trying to replicate on her current book tour. 

For the last 52 days HRC has been the lone competitor in her own Tour de France, peddling from book stores, to universities, to interviews, to book stores in England: Stage 1: Dianne Sawyer; Stage 2: A Costco in Virginia; Stage 3: Okay you get the idea. 

But unlike the actual Tour de France, this one doesn't seem to have an end date. No, the Tour de Hillary, which started on June 10, is showing no signs of stopping, leaving many of us asking if the eventual sprint to the finish line could include a motorcade traveling down Pennsylvania Avenue during the 2016 Inaugural Parade.

Let's take a look back at where Hillary, and her book, have been in the last 52 days.

Monday, June 9: Hillary gets off to a rocky start, telling ABC's Dianne Sawyer that the former First Family were "dead broke" after leaving the White House in 2000. 

Tuesday, June 10: Hillary sits down with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, then does a book signing at Barnes and Nobles in Union Square in New York City. 

Wednesday, June 11: Hillary travels to her hometown of Chicago for an interview with Mayor and longtime Clinton supporter Rahm Emanuel at the Harris Theater.

Thursday, June 12: Hillary has a tense exchange over gay marriage with NPR's Terry Gross, the same day as her interview on BBC's of Newsnight aired in England. 
Friday, June 13: Hillary did a book signing at a Philadelphia library at 11:30am, then traveled south to D.C. for a "conversation" at George Washington University at 6pm.
Saturday, June 14:  While signing copies of her book, Hillary casually ran into her BFF Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor at a Costco in Arlington, Virginia.
Sunday, June 15 Hillary looked at pictures from her Wellesley College graduation on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley. "Yes. Boy, I had long, long hair," she said.
Monday, June 16: Hillary traveled north, first to Toronto, Canada in the afternoon and then to the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts that evening.
Tuesday, June 17: Back in Washington D.C., Hillary briefly stops her motorcade to greet an intern from the Republican Campaign Committee who is dressed as a giant squirrel wearing a tee shirt reading "another Clinton in the White House is nuts." She then continued on to a CNN town hall with Christiane Amanpour, wrapping things up with a Fox News interview with Bret Baier and Greta Van Susteren
Wednesday, June 18 Hillary flew to Edmonton in Alberta, Canada to tell more Canadians about her book. Speaking on both a literal and figurative level, Hillary told the packed house "No two countries are closer than we are." 
Thursday, June 19:  Hillary met Glee Star Chris Colfer at a signing in Los Angeles.
Friday, June 20: Another day in L.A., another celebrity's book to sign. This time it was music superstar Katy Perry who offered to write Hillary a campaign song.
The same day Hillary headed to Austin, Texas where she did another signing at the store BookPeople followed by a speech at the Long Center where she talked about nights spent at the music venue The Armadillo in 1972, The Texas Tribune reported.
Saturday, June 21: An interview with Hillary was published in The Guardian.  "I wish I had some stock in a scrunchie company," she told Ed Pilkington.
Sunday, June 22: Hillary went west to Kansas City, Montana for a speech at The Midland Theater where a ticket came with an autographed copy of Hard Choices.
Monday, June 23Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, Colorado hosted Hillary for a book signing. She made no public trips to Colorado's recreational marijuana stores.
Wednesday, June 25: Hillary hit up Warwicks in La Jolla, California for a signing, also appearing on the PBS NewsHour in an interview with Gwen Ifill that night. 
Thursday, June 26: In San Francisco, Hillary got a visit from former Mayor Willie Brown at her Hard Choices signing before doing an event at the Orpheum Theater.
Friday, June 27: Hillary spent the morning in Little Rock, Arkansas, then traveled to Dayton, Ohio — Swing state. Cough — for another book signing later that afternoon.
Sunday, June 29: Hillary traveled to the town of Chappaqua, New York where she has owned a house since mounting her successful campaign for Senate in 1999. 
Monday, June 30: Hillary sat down with Aspen Institute CEO Walter Isaacson for a conversation at the Aspen Ideas Festival, which was broadcast live on Facebook.
Thursday, July 3: Starting the European portion of her tour, Hillary traveled across the pond, visiting Europe's largest bookstore, Waterstones Piccadilly in London.
Friday, July 4:  In London, HRC stopped by the set of ITV's This Morning, drawing criticism from Red Alert Politics for "[betraying] the American holiday of July 4."
Saturday, July 5: The BBC aired an interview with Hillary on Woman's Hour.
Sunday, July 6 At The Schiller Theater in Berlin, Hillary praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her style (they both love pant suits) and leadership. "I say in the book I think she is the greatest leader in Europe..." she told the crowd.
Tuesday, July 8: On a rainy day in Paris, French President Francois Hollande welcomed Hillary (and her book) to the Elysee Palace with a smile and an umbrella.
Tuesday, July 15: Hillary joked with comedian Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.
Thursday, July 17 With enough copies of Hard Choices for over a thousand attendees, Hillary signed her book at Bookends in Rigewood, New Jersey.
Friday, July 18: Hillary's interview on The Charlie Rose Show aired on PBS.
Saturday, July 19:  Off to another signing. This time in Madison, Connecticut.
Sunday, July 20: Governor Mark Dayton joined Hillary at a signing in St. Paul Minnesota. "I would have waited a week," Hillary enthusiast Shar Anderson told Fox 9 News . "I would have waited out in the sun. I would have waited for anything."
Thursday, July 24: Hillary talked about her book with The New York Time's John Harwood in an interview that aired on NPR's "On Point with Tom Ashbrook."
Saturday, July 26:  Hillary greeted fans at Sam's Club in Seekonk, Massachusetts.
Sunday, July 27: Fareed Zakaria's interview with Hillary aired on his GPS on CNN.
Tuesday, July 29: The traveling book saleswoman was back in New York yesterday, this time for an event upstate at a bookstore in the town of Saratoga Springs.
And there's more to come... Yes, just yesterday the website for Hard Choices added three more scheduled appearances, including one on Martha's Vineyard August 13, four days into President Obama's two-week vacation on the Massachusetts island. 
Could Hillary's neverending book tour have have a Presidential visit in its future? 
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