The 2016 Republican National Convention Will Be in Cleveland

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Cleveland edged out Dallas to host the 2016 Republican National Convention, chairman Reince Priebus announced on Tuesday. "It was a business decision," Priebus said, according to Jeff Zeleny at ABC News. "As goes Ohio, so goes the presidential race," he added.

Despite Dallas having more hotels, more wealthy donors, and just sounding a little more fun, politics won out in the end. As Mike Allen argued in Politico, "the politics would be tough, with the Texas GOP’s lurch to the right, and mixed feelings about prominent Texans George W. Bush, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz." Ohio, on the other hand, is a swing state, and Republicans are hoping the convention will give their nominee a bump there. It helps that Cleveland, the third poorest city in the country, will get a bit of a financial boost thanks to the convention, as The Hill noted

And while political reporters may be less than excited to visit Ohio, the RNC is doing its best to hype its host city. "If you haven’t been to Cleveland lately, it’s a real surprise how beautiful it is down by that lake,” Priebus told Fox News

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